PHP code sharing

It occurred to me last night that I would like to share as much as possible of the techniques and php code I have found and used on my site HERE in my blog.  Why?  I have borrowed much of the knowledge and code I use from many others out there on the internet.  Most … [Read more…]

Geeking Out

I have done nothing but work on my website every night for the past few days:  cleaning code, adding functionality to the homepage, cleaning up my php scripts.   I have been a total geek.  I’ve even been staying up way too late and not getting enough sleep because of my geekdom.  But the finish line … [Read more…]

RSS… who knew???

Along with trying to fix the issues involved with moving to a new host, I also have been working hard trying to find the best way to incorporate an RSS feed onto my website homepage.  And let me tell you, it ain’t been easy.  Did you know that there are some really janky sites that … [Read more…]