We Know What’s Going On

My good friend Kim put out a call the other day for people to send her videos of themselves dancing to this iconic song. The instructions stated “Just dance from your heart”. So while my partner went out to protest march in SF, I went into action working on this.

I quickly filmed a couple of versions to eliminate overthinking. This is the second. The idea for the mouth and eye coverings over my mask came from something my partner had said about Blacks being forced to choose between dying by pandemic or police. Hands are up because, “Hands up, don’t shoot!” Most importantly, I did something I rarely do: danced like no one was watching. I danced because George can’t dance anymore.

I’m setting aside my tendency for self-critique, and sending this out into the world just as it is: my impromptu protest. #GeorgeFloyd #HandsUp #BlackLivesMatter

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