I’ve never been one to be ‘thrilled’ about using third-party and hosted features for my personal site. So I downloaded my very own wordpress blog today. And you’re looking at it! Got the rss feed working for the home page too. Took a little longer than the 5 minutes they mentioned, but I’m still pretty … [Read more…]

DGS Search

I have been threatening to do this post for at least 4-5 months. So I figured it’s finally time to put up or shut up!!! I found DGS Search some years back as I was looking for search functionality for my website which back then had oodles of journal pages and galleries. Compared to some … [Read more…]

Master pages NOT go bye-bye

Okay, not sure what I was smoking the other day. But I found a way to overcome some of my frustrations at using master pages for php. Part of the problem was that in using master pages I was also using links relative to the document for everything on the site. This is great because … [Read more…]

Back in the land of the living

It’s been a really tough couple of months, and not because it was the holidays! 😉  I was working really hard on a new website that we were launching at work.  Work on the site started the first week of November and we launched mid-January.  Gotta tell ya it was the hardest I have had … [Read more…]